Working group 1

Environmental assessment tools

In this working group, environmental assessments will be carried out with a life cycle perspective of the three tourism subsectors (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafeterias, and Leisure and Transportation) in different destinations of the partnership.

Working group 2

 Eco-labelling system

The objective of this working group is to develop and apply the first eco-labeling system with a life cycle perspective for tourist destinations as a whole through an online application.

Working group 3

Training, capitalization, replication and networks generation

With the aim of increasing the capacities of the tourism sector agents, a transregional network of cooperation based on destinations and sustainable tourism agents will be created in the Sudoe area.

In addition, the creation of specialized subgroups on sustainability in existing sectoral groups will be encouraged. Also multidisciplinary partnerships for the implementation of concrete improvement measures will continue to be encouraged.

Project management

GREENTOUR seeks to add the technical complementarity of the partners to achieve a common and singular objective, through a good definition of the objectives, budgets and schedules of each group of tasks and activities.

Working group 4

Project Communications

This working group will promote the use of GREENTOUR environmental analysis tools through scientific and technical dissemination to potential beneficiaries.

Working group 5

Project monitoring and evaluation

GREENTOUR includes a Project Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, managed to deliver results on time and within budget. The plan includes initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control and closure.

Working group 6